Environmental Policy

At Ocean Lodge we like to support local businesses as much as possible by sourcing as many of our supplies locally as we can and where possible we try to use Fairtrade and organic produce. On the first floor landing we have a filtered water machine for you to fill up your bottles instead of buying new ones.

We recycle as many items as we can, including any waste you leave in your rooms such as newspapers, cans and plastic bottles. Throughout the building we have replaced old light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

We ask that you put towels on the floor to be washed only when needed and not daily. Our biggest project has been putting in solar panels to heat the hot water, particularly as Swanage has one of the highest readings for hours of sunshine in the country!

There are other things you might like to consider while you are here on holiday to help the environment – using local transport instead of your car, or how about hiring bicycles to view the local scenery? The Purbeck District Council Website has information on local cycle rides and maps to download. Click here to quickly access this section of their website. There are also plenty of walking routes in and around Swanage by which to discover the incredible scenery. Again, Purbeck District Council have information and ideas on where to walk. Here is a link to the Walking section of their site.